Nina Flowers, LPC, Therapist, Counseling Solutions, Inc.

Name:         Nina Flowers, LPC

Firm:            Counseling Solutions, Inc.

Address:    19465 Deerfield Ave , #106
                Lansdowne , VA 20176  

Phone:        703.858.5507



If I could tell you one thing about how I approach therapy, it is: 

Like a rose bud, life can grow, blossom, and be beautiful.  But sometimes thorns get in the way and we need help.  When those thorns arise, when things happen that may tear at the family fabric, I am there.  I will work with you to help lift the burden, ease the pain, and help you discover a solution that restores harmony in your life, building a stronger you. 


Nina K. Flowers is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has over 5 years of private practice experience in helping individuals and family members with their concerns.   She owns the practice Counseling Solutions, Inc., in Lansdowne, Virginia, which she established August 1, 2005.  Prior to that time, Nina spent four and a half years working for an agency providing home-based services.  Working with adults, adolescents and children through individual, family and couples counseling, Nina believes that taking advantage of counseling services is an important first step to return your life back to balance and peace. 

Specialties/Areas of Practice: 

I have particular expertise in counseling children, adolescents, families, couples and individual adults who are coping with their own or a family members’ abuse, mood or anxiety disorders, relationship or self-esteem concerns, ADD/ADHD, depression and mood changes, adjusting to change, single parenting, blended family and generational differences, and work-life balance.  My primary theoretical orientations are Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Play Therapy; however, I often use other orientations as the need arises.  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy teaches us that at times our cognitive beliefs or thought processing creates irrational, unhealthy thinking.  These irrational thoughts can cause unwanted behaviors.  Play Therapy is utilized with children and adolescents, and adults occasionally join in the process.  Play is a universal language. 

Within the first few sessions, we will establish goals for our work together, and I will form a fluid treatment plan, which may change as our counseling progresses.  I have found counseling to be most effective if we work collaboratively; I expect you to come to your sessions on time, to complete any tasks we agree upon, and to do your best to talk about the concerns, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that are bothering you.  If anything about our counseling troubles or disappoints you, I strongly encourage you to talk about that in our session so that we can address your concerns. 

Anxiety Support Groups:   Counseling Solutions facilitates an ongoing anxiety support group.  We currently meet on Thursdays, 7 PM to 8:30 PM.  Groups are limited to 10, and there is a monthly fee.  Please check our website for current details, or click here.

I believe everyone needs a little help now and then.  By getting assistance in resolving problems that many other people are also experiencing, you can bring about a rewarding life change in your life, both for yourself and for those you relate to. 

Community Involvement:

Ambassador and active member, Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce.
Volunteer, Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Services
Board Member, Volunteer Loudoun
Past workshop coordinator, Northern Virginia Licensed Professional Counselors


International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors
American Counseling Association
Northern Virginia Licensed Professional Counselors

      Education and Trainings:  

      LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor

·         Master's Degree in Education, with major in Counseling and Development, George Mason University

·         Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, San Diego State University



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